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The members of the Asbury Farm Corporation had been familiar with Mrs. Asbury's property for many years through their friendship and association with her. Discussions with Mrs. Asbury indicated her great love for her land and her interest in seeing that one of the last remaining farm sites within the city limits of Mason City be used in a creative manner. She was convinced that the members of the corporation shared her view, thus the beginning of Asbury Farm Neighborhood as it is today. The Corporation based their planning on the assumption that any development of the Asbury Farm property should lead to a residential area, combining imaginative planning with the overall program for the ongoing development of the Mason City community. A primary consideration in all of the plans has been the maintenance of the character of the land as a lasting tribute to Mrs. Asbury's continued interest and splendid spirit. Finally it is hoped that as the time of the initial development passes and the Asbury Farm becomes a significant and increasingly beautiful part of the Mason City community, the residents will feel that they have shared in at least an indirect way in contributing to the quality of life in the area.


The development of a successful Asbury Farm Residential Community seems to require that you deal with two sets of needs: the resident's families and the needs of Asbury Farm as they affect the residents. Asbury Farm would like the residents to join in, perpetuating the spirit of the molding of earth, the composition of exterior space, the warmness of material, color, texture, the orientation of the home toward the Greenway. A "Sense of Place" is what Asbury Farm is all about.

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