Asbury Farm Homeowners' Association
Asbury Farm Homeowners' Association

This committee is responsible for providing advice to the Board of Directors, on all matters pertaining to the maintenance, repair or improvement of the common area, pathways and facilities of the Association.




Many trees were trimmed and several trees were removed due to age and storm damage throughout the Common Area grounds. The committee continues to monitor the Ash tree health and vitality working with the City and Cerro Gordo County. If and when the emerald ash bore infestation arrives in Cerro Gordo County, home owners will be notified and the many trees in Asbury will be monitored closely for removal. A reserve fund has been set up in anticipation of the need to remove approximately 68 trees on the Common Areas should the infestation take place.

Mowing, fertilizing and weed control on the acres of common grounds as well as the islands in the cul-de-sacs was completed as planned. Spot spraying for thistles in the area along Scrip Road plus weed control on the ball diamond was completed and will continue each year going forward.


Front entrance area was updated with new landscaping, including removal of some trees and new sod added where needed around the entrance sign area. City provided a fire hydrant water meter and valve for watering purposes.


Street light maintenance was limited to electric eye control switches and bulbs. Snow removal along Illinois Avenue on the sidewalk from Asbury Place to Asbury Drive is under HOA responsibility and was cleaned when needed. A homeowner in Asbury continued to remove snow on the 2 primary pathways adjacent to the common grounds, voluntarily again this year.


PLANS FOR 2020-21: Tree trimming and removal of aging and damaged trees will continue. Contracts are in place for lawn service, and fertilizing/weed control services, all at the same pricing structure as in past years. An additional insect control will take place around the Linden trees that have been identified as susceptible to the Japanese Beatle infestation located on the common ground areas.


The third phase of the pathways has been reviewed and researched for repairs caused by deterioration due to cracks from tree roots and normal wear. Cracks and worn spots will be fixed and a seal coat rolled or sprayed on the third phase pathways this coming year. Reserve funds are in place for the repair of access paths at end of cul-de-sacs. It is difficult to get contractor commitments but the hope is to have this done this fall or early spring, 2021.


The committee has been in contact with the City of Mason City to identify the standard height requirements for trees that overhang pathways or sidewalks (10 feet), as well as tree branches that overhang public right of ways and city streets (14 feet). Committee will be reviewing pathways/streets to meet these requirements. Homeowners will be notified if any of their trees are impacting the pathways or right of ways as it is their responsibility to have these trimmed.


As a reminder to HOA members and their guests, please clean up after your pets on all pathways, sidewalks and common areas.


The committee works diligently to keep the Asbury grounds in good shape. All requests/concerns need to be in writing or through the Asbury website,

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