Asbury Farm Homeowners' Association
Asbury Farm Homeowners' Association

This committee is responsible for providing advice to the Board of Directors, on all matters pertaining to the maintenance, repair or improvement of the common area, pathways and facilities of the Association.

Asbury HOA Grounds Committee Report for year 2021-2022


Many trees were trimmed and several trees were removed (due to age and wind damage) throughout the common grounds. The Committee will continue to monitor the Ash Trees health and vitality. The City of Mason City continues their process of marking ash trees in city parks and city right of ways for removal based on importance of location as the emerald ash bore infestation arrives in Cerro Gordo County. HOA Ash tree infestation has started and was identified within the Asbury common grounds this past year in a couple of trees that were removed.


Mowing, fertilizing and weed control on the acres of common grounds as well as the islands in the cul-de-sacs was completed as planned. Spot spraying for thistles in the area along Script Road plus weed control on the ball diamond was completed and will be done each year going forward.


Script Road section (#2) had some volunteer trees removed along the roadway to allow the grasses to grow more freely.


Three of the small connecting paths were replaced with concrete starting in May and June 2021. The third phase of the primary paths was completed in 2021 with minimal damage to trees and a retaining wall, due to the large equipment that had to be used for the type of resurfacing that took place.


Street light maintenance was limited to electric eye control switches and bulbs.


Snow removal along Illinois Ave was completed on the side walk between Asbury Drive and Asbury Boundary Line that is under HOA responsibility. A portion of said sidewalk from Asbury Place south is the responsibility of the homeowner whose property abuts the sidewalk. A homeowner in Asbury continued to clean snow on the (2) primary pathways adjacent to the common grounds, voluntarily again this past year. 


This next year, 2022-2023, the committee will continue to plan for tree trimming and tree removal as needed due to aging or damage of certain trees. Additional volunteer trees in section (#2) along Script Road will be removed to allow grasses to expand.


Contracts have been arranged for the Fertilizing/Weed Control services at the same pricing structure as in past years. The contract for lawn services by J&M will increase by 5% due to inflationary costs.  The front two pathways will have cracks repaired and a seal coat applied, as well as ongoing connecting paths replacements to concrete as needed.  


As a reminder, HOA members and their guests are asked to comply with the rule to clean up after pets on all pathways, sidewalks and common areas.  



Respectfully submitted,

Grounds Committee

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