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Asbury Farm Homeowners’ Association

Annual Meeting Report


April 25, 2022



Now that the Pandemic has declined with fewer cases here in North Iowa, we were able to meet in person. Your board continued to meet this past year via zoom and were able to address all concerns brought forth, as well as recruitment of new board and committee members.

Enclosed in this year’s packet and to be presented at our Annual Meeting were the following reports:

  • Architectural Control Committee Report
  • Grounds Committee Report
  • Recreation Committee Report
  • Budget Report
  • Nominating Committee Report


Officers of the Board that continued to serve for year 2021-2022 were:

Gary Lindgren as President, Ryan Corell as Vice President, Nate Halverson as Secretary, Roger Schlitter as Treasurer. Committee Chairs also continued in their respective positions for year 2021-2022.

All Board Members Laura Doerfler, Ethan Miller, Michelle Lamers, Libby Wickman, and Andy Flagge continued in their respective positions for year 2021-2022. Steve Bailey left the Board due to moving out of Asbury.


The 2021-2022 budget was utilized by the board throughout the year.  The board strives to keep expenses in line with the current dues.  A reserve fund was established should we need to treat or remove significant ash trees in the future, and continue with pathways maintenance and repairs, plus additional features to the recreation areas.


The most important job at our annual meeting has been the election of officers, board and committee members for the coming year. Ryan Corell once again chaired the nominating committee this year and presented the slate of nominees.  The board voted on the nominations; the report was enclosed in this year’s 2022-2023 packet.  If anyone is interested in serving in some capacity, please contact Ryan or any of the Board Members or Committee Chairs. The HOA Members voted for the slate of Officers, Board Members and Committee Chairs and Committee Members for year 2022-2023.


If anyone has a concern that needs to be addressed by a certain committee, the board requests that it be in writing or sent through the website


We thank the residents for their genuine regard and consideration that has been shown for our neighborhood.  We are pleased that we can offer neighborhood amenities such as our playgrounds, basketball court and ball diamond, along with our beautiful common areas and walking pathways.   Your board will continue to work diligently to make Asbury a truly great place to live.


Thank you.

Asbury HOA Board

EAB Insecticide
Great information on application and management of EAB and Insecticide
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