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I would like to provide a summary of our most recent board meeting held on January 14th. The good news is that we are staying in budget, despite some significant expenses and we have a pretty good idea of our fixed expenses for the coming year. As you may know, a large portion of our budget each year goes to taking care of our grounds. We experienced tree damage again this past year in our commons areas. We know that more work is needed on tree replacement as well as portions of our paths.


Several issues of concern to a number of homeowners surfaced this past year that warrant a conversation: traffic hazards on Halloween, vandalism around homecoming, and neighborhood safety in general. Another issue is how to best manage the common’s area that follows Birch Drive. A plan is being developed for this purpose involving mowing portions of areas in staged manner over several years. We have in the past brought in others to review this matter. For those of you who could attend last year’s annual meeting, you will recall our speaker who addressed this issue. I had thought about having a meeting prior to our annual meeting to facilitate a conversation on these issues. On reflection and from the valued input of other board members, it would seem to be better to have this discussion at our annual meeting- a way also of encouraging us to get as many people as possible to the annual meeting. The annual meeting will again be at Grace Church. The date has been set for Monday April 15, 2019 at 6:00 PM. We will be sending out an official announcement around the time that dues statements are also sent out.


Ken Zimmerman

Board President

4 Hawthorn Road

Cell: 641-512-5565

EAB Insecticide
Great information on application and management of EAB and Insecticide
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Plants that do well in shade
Some great information about selecting plants that will do well in shady areas around your yard or home.
Plants that grow in Shade in Iowa.pdf
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Shade Tolerant Trees and Shrubs for Iowa[...]
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