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Update From Spring Board Meeting by Ken Zimmerman:



I would like to summarize our most recent Asbury Board of Director’s meeting to keep everyone update. First thanks to all who took the time to attend our annual meeting.  I thought we covered a lot of topics. Items discussed at the annual meeting were taken up in our board meeting.  We hope to discuss with city officials the concern over traffic on Asbury Drive.  We will ask for yield signs at several locations.  We would like to also take up the traffic congestion on Asbury Drive on the evening of Halloween trick or treating.  Another topic is having police surveillance on the weekend of homecoming due to vandalism in recent years. The recreation committee reported on a very active plan this year.  Play ground equipment suited for younger children is being considered for one area and repairs to the others- including a slide for Woodbine.   The ball diamond is being kept in good condition and is being actively used.  Should you want to use the ball diamond, you will want to sign up of it use through the recreation committee to ensure that it is available.  The issue of fencing came up and we want to include with this summary the Asbury policy.

Article IV (4):  There shall be no fences erected except patio privacy fences and landscape fences upon the approval of Architectural Control Committee (ACC).  Property line fences or hedges which describe the property lines or boundaries are prohibited.  This also includes the use of snow fences.

Article V (3):  Fencing used for patio/deck privacy may be wood or resin board material with finish approved by the ACC.  Landscape fence may be black metal or as outlined in Article V item 13 Garden Fencing.  Vinyl fence material is not allowed.

Article V (13): Garden Fencing- Garden fencing shall be limited to an overall footprint of 200 square feet; constructed from only temporary materials that minimize obstruction of view such as wire cattle fencing and steel posts; be a maximum of sixty inches in height; be located in the third tier of the property s described in the City of Mason City zoning ordinance; be outside of all utility easements; located no closer than 5 feet from any property line, and be removed at the end of the growing season, or as directed by the ACC or Asbury Board of Directors.  No permanent structural or gate components will be allowed. Only one garden fence shall be allowed on a property. Information submitted to the ACC for review shall include a general description and picture of the materials along with a drawing of the property with size, location and distance from the property lines and house.

I hope that we can look forward to a great summer here in Asbury.  Please let me know if you are interested in volunteering for a committee or if you have any concerns.


Ken Zimmerman

Board President

EAB Insecticide
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