Asbury Farm Homeowners' Association
Asbury Farm Homeowners' Association

The Asbury Farm Homeowners' Association was formed to serve in the interest and the concern of the overall development of Asbury Farm. The Association's primary responsibilities will be to provide for the maintenance, preservation and architectural control of the common area within the Asbury Farm properties, and to promote the health, safety and welfare of the residents of the development. The Association will also serve to interpret the rights and restrictions which were set down in the Declaration of Covenants. As an Asbury Farm property owner you are considered a member of the Association and will have a vote in Association matters, insuring your concern for your home and environment. All members of the Association will have the right and easement of enjoyment of the Common Area grounds and pathways.


The Association is governed by a Board of Directors with the help of the Architectural Control Committee, Grounds Maintenance Committee and a Recreation Committee. Each committee shall receive complaints, suggestions or requests from members on any matters involving Association functions, duties, and activities within their field of responsibility. The committee shall dispose of such complaints as it deems appropriate or refer them to such other committee, Director, or officer of the Association as is appropriate.


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