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Asbury Farm Homeowners' Association



Support the Asbury Farm HOA Board of Directors, our Recreation Committee members, and our neighborhood families in planning and implementing recreational activities within the Asbury Farm community while preserving and protecting the neighborhood association.



The committee should consist of five or more members including at least one member on the Asbury Farm HOA Board of Directors.
Responsibility of Recreation Committee:

  • Develop and propose regulations to rule and regulate the existing and future developed recreational areas.
  • Consider, review and respond to all requests from owners.
  • Periodically survey the recreation areas for maintenance standards.
  • Review, discuss and report any concerns or recommendations.
  • Monitor activities on Asbury Farm recreational and common areas for use by non-Asbury Association members.





Libby Wickman serves as chair of this committee. Libby provides oversight management of the playgrounds and manages the scheduling of the ball diamond and oversight of the basketball court. 


-Ball diamond infield was dragged multiple times and weed control was spread across the field twice during the summer of 2021.


-During the summer of 2022, the lawn service will be dragging the ball diamond on Fridays April through June and every other week in July and August. 


-Ag-lime was added to the ball diamond in April 2021 to fill in the low areas and even out the field.  


-Ball diamond reservations continue to be posted on the Asbury HOA face book page.  


-Landscaping around the Asbury Drive playground was installed by Blackmore Nursery in July 2021.  This included new shrubs, trees, and sod. 


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